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smaller than life
Opening: Friday, 2016, 18th March from 7 to 9 pm
Exhibition: 2016, 19th March to 21st May
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12 am to 6 pm
You need to find a new place. An apartment. It can’t be expensive. Not too many stairs. Pain recently appeared in the left knee. You check out a place. It still has the prior tenant’s stuff in it. There’s an odor of familiarity. Sensations of past gatherings. Patchwork quilts. Full of past conversations. Ghost-like statuary. Hands. Stories from stacked newspapers. Images that meet for the first time. Vague, then vivid. A child’s disarray. The colors, muted. Afternoon sunlight through teal and gray curtains. “Who lives here?” “Can’t say.” “What’s the availability?” “Even harder to say.” On the street afterward, you recall a painted fingernail. Remember when you opened a balloon to see what air looked like? You have to get bread and cat food.
Zwinger Galerie
Margarete Hahner
Margarete Hahner

Margarete Hahner

Margarete Hahner
Margarete Hahner
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